About Quilting New Hampshire

Although I've sat at a sewing machine my entire life, I didn't become a passionate quilter until I became a grandmother years ago.  Since then I've enjoyed every quilt shop, technique class, quilt show and guild I've encountered along my educational journey.  

Eventually my interest narrowed down to the quilting on the quilts, and was completely blown away by the talents of these people.  I wanted to be a part of this group!  

The creative process of choosing designs, transforming them into the perfect look on a quilt to bring out its best features, is what inspires me to create this art. 

I appreciate every one of my customers and their beautiful quilts, and when that last stitch is placed, I realize once again that this is what I am meant to do.

Longarm Quilting Service

To this end of helping quilters reach the pinnical of their creations I provide longarm quilting coupled with an unmatched  background of quilting experience.